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Create the life you REALLY want. April 2006 Issue  

As a coach I spend a lot of time working with people who want to accelerate their results. When I ask them to tell me about their ideal life, most of them describe a situation where they are earning more, working less and generally enjoying a problem-free life. Does this sound similar to the future you want to create?

Unfortunately this picture contains a significant contradiction. The idea of a problem-free life is actually a fantasy. There is no such thing. The only person who is problem-free is someone who is dead - not a desirable option!

Strange as it might sound, problems are actually opportunities in disguise. Avoiding them will limit your success. It will cause you to avoid risk and therefore miss great opportunities. It means you will play small instead of growing yourself, learning and reaching more of your potential. Before you know it your life will become stagnant.

Problems bring with them many other advantages:

They force you to take action. Many people have made major life changes such as quitting smoking or starting their own business as a result of problems. Anything that stimulates you to take action is good because it accelerates your momentum.

Problems challenge you to grow stronger. Let's face it; if you had never had to solve problems you would not have many of the skills and abilities you have today. Each time you overcome a problem your confidence in yourself grows.

Problems force you to find new resources. You probably met many of the people in your life and service providers you use while seeking to overcome problems. Virtually every invention and new technology ever developed was driven by the desire to solve a problem.

Problems also help you identify your priorities. For example, shortly after I started ProCoach my work was consuming me. There was so much to do in my business that I had no time for my family, my health or myself. One day my father had a major heart attack and almost died. My perspective changed instantly. Suddenly my problems at ProCoach seemed very insignificant and there was plenty of time for my higher priorities of family and health.

What most people don't realize is that the more successful you become, the bigger the problems you will have. I was talking to a client today who was lamenting that the bank is giving him a hard time about a $2M loan he is trying to arrange. As he told me about his situation, I found myself eagerly looking forward to the time when I will have problems that size. Right now a $2M problem would bring my forward movement to a grinding halt. Yet the same problem would be a minor inconvenience to a person like Donald Trump who does multi-million dollar deals on a regular basis.

Think of it this way. The size of the problems you are able to handle is directly related to the amount of income, responsibility and ultimate success you will achieve. If you can't handle small problems, people will actively avoid you. And when you develop a track record for resolving big problems, a steady flow of opportunities will come your way.

In summary, the way to accelerate your success is to embrace problems. Don't avoid them, don't complain about them and don't let them stop you. Simply develop the habit of tackling them head on.

Become a problem solver. You might even post a note to yourself saying, "I am a problem solver" or, "Problems are opportunities." And the next time you encounter a problem, celebrate it as an opportunity rather than treating it as an unwanted intruder.


Andrew Barber-Starkey
Master Certified Coach.

Employment Opportunity with ProCoach

As our membership continues to increase, we need more staff at the ProCoach office in North Vancouver. We are currently seeking a highly capable business manager to run our company both financially and operationally. This is an interesting, challenging and rewarding position with exciting future potential and an excellent compensation package.
The successful candidate will have a strong track record of success in previous endeavors and have worked in a position earning more than $50,000 per year.

For more details on the position visit No phone calls please.

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Andrew Barber-Starkey is a Master Certified Coach residing in Vancouver, Canada. His coaching program, the ProCoach Success System, is designed for entrepreneurs, small-business owners, self-employed and commissioned sales people who want to double their income while simultaneously doubling their time off within 3 years.

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