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Destination Success Newsletter - January 2005

During this time of year it is natural to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. For me the highlight was the first three months when the ProCoach Success System was created. When I look back on that time I experience two overwhelming emotions - gratitude and downright amazement.

First the amazement. In December last year I was still in my SuccessTracs partnership with Harv Eker. I did not really begin working on the ProCoach Success System until January. I knew the new program needed to launch at the beginning of April if we were going to succeed, so from January through March I worked like never before. In less than 3 months we installed a new computer network and business management software; equipped and set up a new office; completed the incorporation process for ProCoach including establishing bank accounts, line of credit and the ability to accept credit cards; built a database of over 600 contacts; created all of the new program materials including concept, content, layout, graphic design and printing; designed and implemented a marketing campaign; rented conference lines and held teleclasses; signed up members; booked and organized live seminars in 3 cities; and designed the ProCoach website (the website alone took over 200 hours of my personal time).

All of this work was either done or coordinated by just two people - me and my incredible part-time assistant, Valerie. My personal focus narrowed to just 3 things - ProCoach, my wife and my health. I worked well over 100 hours a week, including several 24 hour days and I did not take a single Freedom Day for three months. When I think back to what we accomplished, I shake my head in amazement. What a testament to the remarkable capacity we human beings have when we get focused!

This brings me to the gratitude part. There is no way I could have done it alone and I so appreciate everyone who was part of making our start-up successful. Our core team was amazing. Valerie, Randy, Geoff, Suzanne and Jeffrey, you're the best! A multitude of other people also made important contributions, each in their own way. Thank you all.

I also want to thank the members who trusted me and joined at the beginning when ProCoach was little more than an idea. Your confidence encouraged me to follow through because I was not willing to let you down. I thank you for tolerating our numerous growing pains. But there is one thing I appreciate above all. I get the sense that all our members, old or new, want ProCoach to win. With such a great group of people pulling for us, how can we lose?

The coming year will no doubt bring challenges as we implement changes and additions to make the ProCoach Success System even better than it is now. But for today I prefer to revel in the past, satisfied that 2004 was truly the best and most exciting year of my life and enjoying a great sense of appreciation for all of you who were part of it.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Andrew Barber-Starkey

Newsletter Contents

Calendar of events

Quarterly Seminars - January 2005
Quarterly Success Factor Teleclass - January 2005

Success Tips

Managing Yourself Around Time
Managing Yourself Around Money

Housekeeping Items

Members' Events Listings Now On ProCoach Website
December Teleclass Recording on the ProCoach Website

Member Success Stories

Member Spotlight on Michaela Aldana

Calendar of Events

Quarterly Seminars - January 2005
Dates and venues are as follows:
Vancouver: Thursday, January 6 at the Executive Hotel, Burnaby
Seattle: Tuesday, January 11 at the Kirkland Holistic Center, Kirkland
Red Deer: Thursday January 13 at the Red Deer Lodge, Red Deer
Registration begins at 9:00 am. Seminars start at 9:30 and end at 5:30.

Attendance confirmation is required via the on-line link we emailed to you December 17. Even if you are unable to attend the seminar or are unsure of your attendance, please take a moment to submit your response. If you need us to email this link to you again, please contact Suzanne on 604-983-8041.

A note regarding Guests:
The ProCoach Quarterly Seminar is designed for members who are familiar with the concepts and structure of the ProCoach Success System. This is not a "Guest Event", however you may bring a guest if you believe the person is an ideal candidate to join the program now. To register a guest, please contact the ProCoach office.

Networking Lunch:
A reminder that ProCoach will not be providing lunch as we have in the past. Instead we will be organizing groups of members who wish to eat together at local restaurants and providing exercises to stimulate networking amongst these groups. Participation in this is optional.

Quarterly Success Factor Teleclass - January 2005
This one-hour teleclass is for all Global Members and any Seminar Members who were unable to attend their live event. We will do a review of the past quarter and go over your new Success Factor.
Date: Thursday January 20 at 7pm Pacific Time. Mark it in your calendar now!

Success Tips

We are nearing the end for the current Success Factor, Optimize Your Resources. Buckle down and make the most of it during the last few weeks. Here are some suggestions:

Managing Yourself Around Time
  1. Set your Top 3 Priorities every day! (Those handy sticky notes ProCoach sent you for Christmas should help!)
  2. After identifying your Top 3 Priorities for the day, use the weekly Time Optimization Planner sheet (in the Success Factor workbook) to block out some time to work on your Top 3.
  3. Begin working on one of your Top 3 Priorities immediately if possible. By starting early you are far more likely to get them all done.
  4. If you work from a "To Do" list, mark each item on your list as a 20 (high priority) or an 80 (low priority). Then, focus on completing your 20's and delegating, deleting or otherwise avoiding your 80's.

Managing Yourself Around Money
  1. A recent magazine article reported that the average Canadian will spend 106% of their income in 2004. What a terrifying statistic! Think about it. If you spend just 100% of your income, you will end up on the treadmill forever and never advance your financial situation. Spend 106% and you are falling further behind each year, certain to end up buried by debt. The #1 key to financial security is to spend less than you earn, no matter how great or small your income. If you are able to keep your spending down to 90% of your income, over time you are virtually guaranteed to achieve financial independence. This is an extremely simple concept to grasp, but not an easy one to practice. Your true needs are minimal and the rest of the money you spend is optional, related to lifestyle preferences rather than needs. If you are truly committed to financial security, you must control your spending and live within your means. Failing to do so will ensure you experience financial difficulty and stress in the future. The choice is up to you.
  2. No matter how wealthy you are, you only have a finite amount of money to spend. Spend your dollars on one thing and they are not available for other items. When you are about to purchase something less than essential, ask yourself "If I spend my money on this, what will I not be able to spend it on?" For example, would you rather spend $4 on a Starbucks coffee, or would you prefer to reduce your debt by that amount? Which better serves you? Making a conscious choice about each purchase can help you regain financial control.

Housekeeping Items

Members' Events Listings Now On ProCoach Website
We are excited to announce that ProCoach members can now advertise events they are hosting or associated with on the ProCoach website. This includes both events taking place at a particular place ("Local Events") and teleclasses or web-based programs that are accessible to all members ("Global Events"). Visit the "Resource" section of the ProCoach website to list your event, or to see the list of member events taking place in your area.

December Success Booster Teleclass Recording on the ProCoach Website
December's Success Booster Teleclass is now posted on our website for your listening pleasure. If you did not attend this call, we strongly recommend you listen to it - it was outstanding! At the start of the call we discussed the challenges (and benefits) of "doing what is hard". Later we looked extensively at how to implement the "Optimize Your Resources" Success Factor. A number of excellent ideas came up regarding time blocking and ways to ensure you complete your Top 3 Priorities every day.

Note: All ProCoach telclasses are recorded and posted onto the website within a few days of the class taking place. You can listen to them online or download them from the website and burn your own CDs. You can also dial into a voice mail service by phone and listen to them for up to 30 days after the call. See the website for details.

Member Success Stories

Spotlight on Michaela Aldana
ProCoach: Tell us about your business.
Michaela: I have a photography business specializing in weddings. My gift is capturing emotion and spirit on film. My style is contemporary, and I generally work with clients who are looking for something a little different. My work is fun, classy, and a step away from the traditional. I've always known I had the gift of capturing the beauty of our world, but now I see I am actually an entrepreneur at heart too.

ProCoach: When did you start using the ProCoach Success System?
Michaela: I was in SuccessTracs with you for about two years. I joined ProCoach in June this year, so if you add it all together I'm in my third year of the program.

ProCoach: What were you looking for when you originally joined the program?
Michaela: I had just started my photography business and was really serious about making it a success. I am a bit obsessive - I like to go big or go home. I wanted concepts and support to help me develop the business mindset I needed, which art school didn't give me.

ProCoach: Did you get what you were looking for?
Michaela: Absolutely! There is no way my business would be where it is today if it was not for the program. One of the most important things I learned was the difference between working in my business and working on my business. That was huge - I'd never been aware of that distinction before. Another thing was the concept of leverage. The idea of hiring other photographers to work for me had never even crossed my mind before you mentioned leverage at the seminar. So I learned a lot about how to make the business successful.

ProCoach: Do you employ other photographers now?
Michaela: Oh, yes. I've turned it into a real business. I have two other photographers working for me and now I am preparing to hire a sales person and a production person.

ProCoach: What tangible results have you seen from using the system?
Michaela: Since I've been in the program my revenues have grown significantly every year. I was making a "normal" income for a photographer when I first joined the program. In 2004 my revenues will total over six times what I earned back then and I expect they will increase by another 30% or so in 2005. So things are going really well. As I mentioned at the October Quarterly Seminar, this summer I earned more in one weekend than I did in the entire year of 2001. That was pretty exciting.

The program has also helped me save money. Of course we all know it is important to save, but it can be hard to get started. Since joining the program I have saved consistently every week thanks to the little box in the Weekly Planner that holds me accountable. At first I saved 10% but I have now increased that to 20% and next year I want to save 30%. Once you develop the habit the money adds up really quickly.

ProCoach: What about results in other areas of your life?
Michaela: Oh, the program works in all areas of my life. It definitely helps me keep my life balanced and I need that. I write down my Freedom Days and then make sure I take them. And I use the "Wheel Of Life" to monitor my level of balance, so I see if I am getting off track. The program has even helped me improve my relationship with my dad. I have been setting goals and intentions in that area, and now things with him are amazing.

ProCoach: What do you like about the program itself?
Michaela: I definitely love the live seminars. I'd find it hard to stay on track without them. As I mentioned earlier, the Success Factor lessons are important to me because I learn so much from them. The workbooks are key, too. I bet I have filled out my Weekly Planner every week in the past year so I am very consistent at using the tools. I try to maximize all the elements of the program.

ProCoach: How do you find the ProCoach System compared to the original SuccessTracs?
Michaela: I think you took a good thing and made it even better. It's more personal. You added Laser Coaching, which is great. I really get a lot from my coaching sessions. And I love the Success Express Game! I'd kill myself to make sure I'm in the Winner's Circle.

ProCoach: What tips would you give to members who want to get the most value from their membership.
Michaela: "Follow the system!" It is a fantastic program but it only works if you use it.

ProCoach: Anything else?
Michaela: I'm really looking forward to the energy that I get from the seminars and setting my next quarter's goals. I have gained so much momentum that now it feels like I can't stop it. Oh, and if anyone needs a photographer, they should check our on-line portfolio at

ProCoach: Congratulations on the momentum you have created, Michaela. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I know your story will inspire our other members.