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Destination Success Newsletter - September 2004

I spent last weekend at a Vancouver hotel attending a seminar on how to develop a successful coaching program. The speaker, Chris Barrow, is a highly successful British coach who runs a program for dentists similar to the ProCoach Success System. (You can check him out at His presentation was filled with excellent ideas on how to design and run a coaching program. I won't bore you with the details, but in the near future you can expect to see numerous changes and improvements to the ProCoach Success System - all ways to ensure you get better results and more value.

The reason I mention this seminar is that in addition to his coaching specific content, Chris' presentation drove home an extremely important success principle that applies to every ProCoach member.

It pays to be you!
On the first day of the Million Dollar Coaching Business Seminar, Chris showed up wearing blue jeans and a black tee shirt. Few other speakers could get away with dressing like this, but for Chris it really worked. He is a rough-around-the-edges Brit from Northern England, and he totally owns that persona. He entertained us with stories about the personal dramas he creates in his life and cracked jokes about the pleasure he gets from downing a few (quite a few) pints at the local pub. His lifestyle is very different than mine, yet still I found him engaging and captivating. Why? Because he was authentic! There were no airs. Unlike many speakers, he did not try to impress us or prove he was better than us. He related to us as equals and was not afraid to show us who he is. His presence and manner was refreshing, not to mention extremely effective.

As I watched Chris, I was reminded of the freedom I feel when I show up and fully express myself. Surely feeling comfortable with yourself is one of the crucial elements of success. Yet it is something that money can't buy. After years of personal growth and therapy, I am more relaxed in my own skin than I have ever been, however I still have some work to do.

I aspire to be more myself, and I wish the same for you.

Andrew Barber-Starkey

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Quarterly Events
Free Success Essentials Seminars

Success Tips

Do it NOW!
Maximizing the Success Factor

Housekeeping Items

ProCoach Affiliate Program
Financial Tracking spreadsheet posted!
Success Express Game Survey Results
New teleclass recordings posted on the ProCoach website

Member Success Stories

Member spotlight on Alan Glasser

Calendar of Events

Quarterly Events
The new Success Factor will be presented at the ProCoach Quarterly Events in October. Here are the dates and locations. Please go to the SCHEDULE section of the website for further details regarding time, location etc.
Red Deer Quarterly Seminar: Tuesday, October 5 at the Red Deer Lodge
Seattle Quarterly Seminar: Tuesday, October 12 at the Kirkland Holistic Center, Kirkland
Vancouver Quarterly Seminar: Thursday, October 14 at the Executive Hotel, Burnaby
Quarterly Teleclass: Thursday, October 21 at 7:00 Pacific Time

Free Success Essentials Seminars
This fall ProCoach will be holding a series of free one-day seminars for members and guests. This is NOT a sales pitch. Participants will learn Andrew's core success principles and how to apply them to get results. Andrew will also go over the ProCoach Success System step-by-step, explaining the purpose of each component and how it contributes to the effectiveness of the program. We recommend that all members attend as the day will give you a much deeper understanding of how to get the most from the system. Also, if you know people who might be interested in joining ProCoach, please tell them about this event.

Mark the following dates in your calendar and plan to be there and with your guests. We will send you details on how to register in the near future.
Success Essentials, Red Deer: Wednesday, October 27 at the Red Deer Lodge
Success Essentials, Vancouver: Tuesday, November 2 (Location to be announced)
Success Essentials, Seattle: Thursday, November 4 at the Kirkland Holistic Center, Kirkland

Success Tips

Do it NOW!
Have you ever noticed that many of the important things you keep putting off are things that would take only a few minutes to do? One of the simplest techniques I have found in all my years of coaching people to achieve their goals is the "do it now" approach. This involves taking action on a goal immediately after you write it down. For example, let's say you are filling out your Weekly Success Planner and you set an intention to call a certain person. The moment you complete your planner, pick up the phone and call the person. Voila - the job is done and you can check it off your list. This approach works extremely well for small items and can also be used to take small steps towards completing larger projects.

This technique is simple but it is remarkably effective. The task gets done, and completing it adds to your momentum.

Maximizing the Success Factor
As we go into the final phase of mastering the Confront Your Fears Success Factor, I encourage you to keep pressing yourself to identify and face your fears. I also recommend that you re-read the Success Factor workbook to remind yourself of the content and review the ideas you came up with in the exercises.

There is one area that is filled with fears for most people that we have not talked about yet this quarter. This is an area that can bring even the most powerful people to their knees in seconds. I'm talking about... relationships. For example, many people find themselves inexplicably powerless in the face of a parent, a partner or an authority figure. Why is that?

In every relationship certain unwritten rules of conduct are established. Often these rules make it hard to fully express what you want or how you are feeling. Years ago I had the humbling experience of spending 6 months in a relationship with a woman I did not want to be with, just because I was afraid to end it. It was not a single fear that kept me there; it was a whole collection of them. I did not want to hurt her feelings; I was afraid of what others would think of me if I ended it; I dislike conflict and wanted to avoid having a big scene - the list goes on. I hated feeling trapped, but I was so terrified of confronting the situation that I chose to live with knots in my stomach rather than speak my truth. Eventually I moved to a new city and the relationship ended naturally. I still feel disempowered when I think about it.

In addition to sapping your power, not telling the truth in your relationships keeps you stuck and totally kills intimacy and connection. Where are you holding back in your relationships? Who are you afraid to confront? What truths stand between you and the people you care about? I encourage you to confront the unspoken communications you have with others who you are in relationship with.

ACTION PLAN - Make a list of people you are in relationship with, and beside each person's name write down the things you are withholding from them because you are afraid. It is not always appropriate to reveal everything. Trust your judgement as to what is important to tell them and what is not. Feel the fear that comes up as you consider sharing your truth. Now apply the strategies in the Success Factor workbook to confront your fears and tell your truth.

Housekeeping Items

ProCoach Affiliate Program
The ProCoach Success System currently has about 175 members and most of them are experiencing fantastic results. Now it is time to grow the membership to our capacity of 200. While we do get (and appreciate!) referrals from our satisfied members, we need to take a more proactive approach to increasing our membership. As a result, ProCoach has created an affiliate program.

Our ideal client is a person who is self-employed, entrepreneurial or in sales. They are success-oriented and have probably done some personal growth. If you have a database of 30 or more names that contains these people, please contact ProCoach. We are offering generous compensation to those who are willing to broadcast our message.

Financial Tracking spreadsheet posted!
It is finally here! As with so many projects, creating a Financial Tracking spreadsheet took far more effort than expected. However the end result is excellent. It provides members who have Microsoft Excel on their computers with a convenient alternative to tracking their financial progress in the workbook. It is available for download now in the RESOURCES section of the ProCoach website. Special thanks to Program Manager Suzanne Martin for her exceptional work on this project.

Success Express Game Survey Results
Early in September we sent members a survey asking for feedback on the Success Express Game. Thank you to the 50 or so members who took the time to respond. We have used your feedback to make some changes to the game that will make it more fun and more effective. For those who are interested, here are some of the survey results:
  • Almost 75% of respondents said they complete their Weekly Success Planner workbook on a weekly basis, while just 16% said they use it rarely or never.
  • A solid 61% of the members told us they are playing the Success Express Game.
  • 25% say the game has given them a considerable increase in inspiration and energy, while another 32% say they have experienced a moderate increase in this area.
  • An amazing 48% of members said that in order to get more points in the game, they had taken a considerable amount of action they would not have otherwise taken. Since action is what moves you forward, the game is doing what it was created to do!
  • Almost 60% said that the Success Express Game caused them to use the ProCoach Success System more regularly.
  • The Success Express Game is another example of our commitment to finding innovative ways to support your success. It is clearly a hit, and we are delighted that it is working so well for you.

    New teleclass recordings posted on the ProCoach website
    All ProCoach telclasses are recorded and posted onto the website within a few days of the class taking place. You can dial into a call center to listen to them for a period of 30 days after the call. You can also listen to them online or download them from the website and burn your own CDs.

    In the past month we have posted the following:
  • Success Essentials teleclasses: This is a series of 3 one-hour teleclasses teaching new members how to use the ProCoach Success System. All new members should definitely listen to this series. Other members who want a refresher on how to get maximum results from the program will also benefit from these recordings.
  • Success Booster teleclass: This is our regular monthly teleclass for those who want to reconnect with the program and delve deeper into the Success Factor. During these classes Andrew provides a variety of success tips and answers questions from members who want to learn how to better use the ProCoach System.
  • Member Success Stories

    Spotlight on Alan Glasser
    This month we turn the spotlight onto Alan Glasser of Delta, BC. Alan is a licensed Pharmacist who owns his own pharmacy. He is an authority on alternative healing and specializes in promoting and marketing natural health products. He hosts a radio show called Your Natural Health Solutions on 1410 CFUN each Saturday morning.

    Alan originally joined SuccessTracs in November of 2000 and found the structured step-by-step process to be just what he needed to stay focused and organized. He resonated deeply with Andrew's core philosophy: work on the inner aspects to change your experience of the outer world.

    In the past four years, Alan's income has more than doubled and he anticipates that it will double again in the near future. His net worth has grown six-fold and his time off has increased dramatically. In the past year alone, his pharmacy has experienced a 40% increase in prescription sales, with a 350% increase in sales of his key product line.

    Alan was one of the very first members to join the ProCoach Success System when Andrew announced it. He believes that the regular quarterly seminars are crucial to his continued success. They give him the insight and energy to move forward in both his business and personal life. Most of all, they support the transformation process he enjoys and values.

    Alan likes the fact that ProCoach is continuing with the same formula that was so successful for SuccessTracs members. He also likes the new additions to the program, especially the private Laser Coaching sessions with Andrew, which he calls "extremely powerful." He credits Laser Coaching with helping him increase his revenues and follow through on his most important commitments.

    Alan had a gratifying experience recently when he took time to acknowledge the incredible progress his business has made in the last few years. He decided to host a barbeque to celebrate his success and thank the people who contributed to his company's impressive growth. He invited his staff, vendors, suppliers and others who are an integral part of his vibrant pharmacy. The evening was a smashing success. Alan enjoyed himself thoroughly, and people stayed well past midnight to celebrate with him!

    Alan credits Andrew's system with helping him hold a vision for over five years, despite not knowing how to make it a reality. "It is not rocket science," he says. "It is a system. You just have to follow the system and the results will happen."