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The Roles of a Coach

Hiring a coach is one of the best steps you can take to accelerate your rate of success. In fact, having a coach significantly increases your chances of achieving any goal. Think about it. Virtually every top athlete, actor and performer has a coach. Why? Because they know they can't access their full potential on their own.

If the best of the best have coaches, why don't you have one? Probably one reason is that having a personal coach costs a lot of money. Most experienced coaches charge $600 - $1000 per month for their services. That is why we created the ProCoach Success System. Our workbooks, processes and structure fulfill many of the roles of a coach so you can enjoy the rewards of having a coach at a reasonable price.

There are many ways a coach will assist you to accelerate your progress and reach your full potential. Below is a list of some of the key roles coaches play, along with an explanation of how the ProCoach Success System fulfils these roles:

A Coach helps you gain clarity
A Coach helps you set priorities
A Coach motivates and inspires you to take action
A Coach is a teacher
A Coach challenges you to be your best
A Coach holds you accountable
A Coach provides support
A Coach reminds you to celebrate

A Coach helps you gain clarity

There are two areas where having clarity will benefit you. First, if you wish to accelerate your journey to success, you need to have a long-term vision. It will serve as a powerful magnet, pulling you forward. You do not need to know the exact details of where you are going, but you must have a sense of the general direction you are headed. This allows you to identify steps that will take you towards your objective.

Helping you become clearer about your ultimate destination is one of our priorities. In the ProCoach Success System, the Long-Term Vision workbook and 3-Year Intentions workbook are two of our primary tools for clarity. These powerful processes guide you through insightful and proven goal-setting exercises.

Another place you need clarity is at your decision points - those times when you reach a junction on your journey and need to decide which path to take. Making prompt decisions keeps you moving forward. Certified coaches are trained to help you assess your options and make empowering decisions.

The ProCoach Success System provides tools to help you make you decisions and stay in motion. As your momentum increases through using our system, you will become aware of overdue decisions that are holding you back. Being surrounded by other members who are rapidly moving forward will inspire you to make decisions more quickly. The Weekly Success Planner workbook supports you to make choices on a weekly basis. Your quarterly private Laser Coaching session with program designer and Master Coach Andrew Barber-Starkey also gives you an opportunity to address major decisions. ProCoach Global Members get regular opportunities to focus on decisions during their Group Coaching sessions, while Seminar Members are able to discuss their challenges with highly qualified volunteer coaches during the live seminars.

A Coach helps you set priorities

Life is filled with distractions that will consume your time and energy if you are not paying attention. Most people do not bother to establish their priorities and then they wonder why they struggle to achieve success. A good coach will challenge you to identify your priorities. Since only you know what is right for you, your coach will use a series of questions to help you uncover your priorities, and then work with you to create an action plan that keeps you focused on those things.

The ProCoach Long-Term Vision and 3-Year Intentions workbooks gently assist you to uncover your big-picture goals. Once you have identified these, it is a matter of taking one step at a time until you achieve them. The system asks you to establish your priorities each quarter based on your long-term goals and then prioritize your actions each week to maximize your progress. Your weekly discussions with your Success Partner and your quarterly Laser Coaching session with The ProCoach will also support you to stay clear on your priorities.

A Coach motivates and inspires you to take action

It is one thing to know what you need to do - it is another thing completely to do it. As you work to achieve your goals, sometimes you will be fired up and move forward rapidly, while at other times your motivation will dip and your progress will stall. Physics tells us that an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force. A coach provides the outside support you need to ensure you stay on track by reminding you of your vision and cheering you on.

The ProCoach Success System is an action-based program. We know that the one thing that will contribute most to your success is taking action - one step at a time. Our workbooks, materials and entire structure relentlessly encourage, challenge and support you to take action. The successes of other members, shared during our seminars and teleclasses, will renew your energy and inspire you to take action.

A Coach is a teacher

Good coaches understand what it takes to be successful because they have experienced the journey themselves. Along the way they have gathered knowledge and resources they can share with you. When you learn new information, you become empowered not just once but for the rest of your life.

The ProCoach Success System contains a significant educational component. Once you are in the program, you will quickly learn and apply our core success principles that have enabled others to consistently double their income and double their time off in just three years. Also, we have conducted extensive research to identify the 12 most important lessons you must learn in order to be extremely successful. Each quarter we will teach you one of these essential lessons that we call Success Factors.

A Coach challenges you to be your best

Most people tend to follow the path of least resistance. They avoid, rather than confront, difficult situations. They let themselves off the hook easily and are masters at rationalizing their failures. Becoming successful requires you to do what is hard. Coaches are invaluable because they have an objective view of your situation. If they sense you are ignoring an issue or doing things that are inconsistent with your goals, they will challenge you to get back on your path.

The ProCoach Success System includes a weekly planning process that helps you identify the places where you are letting yourself down and asks you what you are going to do about them. In addition, ProCoach members talk on a weekly basis to their Success Partner - another member who may question them if their actions do not appear to be consistent with their goals. The Laser Coaching sessions are another place where members may find themselves challenged, this time by Master Coach Andrew Barber-Starkey.

A Coach holds you accountable

As the saying goes, "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Setting goals and intentions is important, but if you fail to follow through with them, nothing will change. Most people find it easy to break agreements they make with themselves, but are less likely to renege on a promise they make to another person. Coaches leverage this dynamic by asking their clients for firm action commitments. This accountability is one reason that people working with a coach tend to get such excellent results.

At ProCoach we know the importance of accountability. Our program design and concepts emphasize the importance of keeping commitments you make to yourself. The Weekly Success Planner holds you accountable to your written word, and the Success Express game keeps you focused on completing your action steps each week. In addition, your weekly check-in with your Success Partner is structured to create accountability without the need for a coach.

A Coach provides support

Sometimes it benefits you to be challenged and held accountable. At other times what you need is good, old fashioned support - someone who is willing to listen to your woes and cheer you up when you are feeling discouraged. A coach is one person who is always there for you. Someone who is on your side, pulling for you to win.

The ProCoach Success System provides support through your regular contact with your Success Partner as well as through the personal relationships you develop with other members. Because we have a small program and everyone is on a similar journey, there is a supportive environment and a natural camaraderie among our members. The ProCoach staff and coaches are also committed to your success. We will do everything we can to support you.

A Coach reminds you to celebrate

Confidence is a crucial element of success. The way to increase your confidence is to undertake a task that is a stretch for you, and then experience a win. Most people ignore their successes and constantly criticize themselves for falling short of their (often unrealistic) expectations. This diminishes their level of confidence. Coaches help their clients develop confidence by asking them to identify and celebrate their victories. Coaches are also ecstatic when their clients succeed. When you get what you want, your coach celebrates too!

Switching your attention from self-criticism to celebration is one of the focal points of the ProCoach Success System. The system is designed to ensure you regularly acknowledge your results and progress. For example, the Weekly Success Planner asks you to list your wins every week; each quarter you complete a progress review exercise; and every teleclass, group coaching session and seminar begins with a sharing of progress and wins. No wonder our members report that their confidence increases!

Find Out More About The ProCoach Success System

To find out more about the ProCoach Success System, call the ProCoach Office today at 604-983-8041 or email us. We will answer your questions and can also arrange for you to have a free consultation with one of our business coaches.