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ProCoach Inner Circle

What is the ProCoach Inner Circle?

A ProCoach Inner Circle is an exclusive Mastermind Group of our most senior ProCoach members. Inner Circle Retreats facilitated by Master Certified Coach Andrew Barber-Starkey are held four times per year in British Columbia and Alberta

The Purpose of the ProCoach Inner Circle

Make significant advancement towards your long term business goals by leveraging the combined experience, wisdom, creativity and connections of the group.

Specific Objectives of Inner Circle Membership
1. Gain greater clarity regarding where you are going and what is important to you.
2. Identify and commit to specific action steps that will assist you to achieve your objectives with maximum speed and minimum effort.
3. Increase your level of action and follow through.
4. Stimulate breakthroughs in your thinking that free you to achieve more of your potential.
5. Assist you in finding effective solutions to specific issues and challenges.
6. Develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships, both business and personal, including at least one lifelong friendship.

Inner Circle Resources

The following materials are for the private and confidential use of ProCoach Inner Circle members only.