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Testimonials from Financial Professionals

Barry Soper, CFP is a North Vancouver-based Financial Planner and former Olympian. Listen to what he said about the ProCoach Success System in July of 2010 after completing two years as a member.

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Testimonials from Business Owners

Here is what people are saying about Andrew Barber-Starkey and the ProCoach Success System.

Andrew has analyzed and systemized the success process to its essence. He is brilliant - a genius in that area. As my personal coach, he has helped me revolutionize my business and my life.
T. Harv Eker; President, Peak Potentials Training Inc. and
Bestselling Author of 'Secrets of the Millionaire Mind'

Sharon Essington is a ProCoach member from Calgary juggles two priorities - success in her business as a mortgage broker and her role as mother of two young girls. Listen here as Sharon shares how the ProCoach Success System has helped her massively accelerate her business results while maintaining balance in her life.

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In January 2007 ProCoach held a competition for ProCoach "Member of the Year" and awarded over $3000 in prizes. Wendell Travers from Camrose, Alberta was one of our Member of the Year Finalists. He is an associate with World Financial Group, a financial services organization marketing investments, insurance, and mortgage products. Click below to hear Wendell's story of how he went from broke to earning over $50,000 per year in less than two years using the ProCoach Success System.

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Real Estate Investor Winnielee Chuus has used the ProCoach Success System to achieve incredible results in the past two years.
Click below to listen as she shares the amazing story of how she almost lost the biggest deal of her life.

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"ProCoach has taken the best from SuccessTracs, added some excellent new pieces, and presented it in a simple, step-by-step system I will use every day to move me forward."
Lynn Thompson, Business Owner, Cochrane, AB

"The ProCoach Success System is SuccessTracs on steroids."
Earl Tunheim, Calgary, AB

"The ProCoach Success System is an extension and improvement on the SuccessTracs program. Of major importance is the simplicity of the system and the use of quarterly seminars, quarterly lessons and Success Partners. I am thrilled to see this type of program available again."
Rob Kettle, Corporate Manager, Calgary, AB

"The Laser Coaching was incredible! I'm amazed how quickly you helped me break through a barrier where I’ve been stuck for months. Talking to you made my situation much more real. You helped me get clear and challenged me to do something that has been on my list for ages. Making a commitment to you forced me to follow through. As a result I have a new client, and I am beginning a whole new phase of my business."
Alan Glasser, Pharmacist, Vancouver, BC

"Your system is so easy to follow. It cuts through clutter and resistance and enables me to consistently achieve the results I want. Your concepts and step-by-step process have helped me attract better clients, earn more money, improve my health, develop a deeper, richer marriage, and create dedicated play time just for ME! I love how supportive and encouraging your system is, too. Thank you!"
Julie Dittmar, Voiceover Talent/Performance Artist, Seattle, WA

"The tools and design of the program are exactly what I need. Andrew, you are a master at bringing out people's potential."
Anne Lamers, Edmonton, AB

"The materials are user friendly and look terrific!"
Marlene Kirk, Corporate Coach, Calgary, AB

"I love that you are so genuinely and passionately committed to my success."
Patty Shortreed, Performer and Voice Coach, Calgary, AB

"In my quest for learning and growth I've always gone straight to the experts. When it comes to success coaches Andrew is top notch. He's a man of integrity, wisdom, and vision who clearly wants the best for people. His system delivers consistent, reliable results just like he promises."
Brent Hammond, Entrepreneur, Victoria, BC

"Working with Andrew and the system he designed has taken me from being a frustrated desk employee to owning an amazingly successful Fitness Centre worth over 1.5 million dollars in less than 4 years. My personal and business life have grown more than I thought possible! Thanks Andrew!"
Scott McDermott, Fitness Center Owner, Sylvan Lake, AB

"I love Andrew's simple, baby-steps approach because it actually works for me. Andrew has incredible clarity regarding issues that prevent us from reaching our potential. I've found myself achieving a lot more of the important things than before. "
Janet Tuft, Sydney, Australia

"I had the opportunity to work with Andrew as a support coach and to witness firsthand a Master Coach in action. I heard person after person stand up in Andrew's live events and tell the group how they had achieved their goals in half in the time, had achieved financial freedom, had more time off, and were making more money than ever before. It was not only proof that his programs work, but also an inspiration to learn his system and apply it in my own life. Thank you Andrew!"
Vincent Kellsey, President, Success Networks Int'l, Honolulu, HI

"I've doubled my time off and tripled my net worth in the past three years, and your concepts contributed directly to that success."
John Kuby, Business Owner, Edmonton, AB

"Andrew has a keen sense of inner psychological dynamics and has designed a system that gets them working to your advantage rather than against you. His system is powerful yet easy to follow. It helps you create and follow through on specific, measurable goals that help make your dreams a reality. Forget struggle, procrastination and lack of direction. It's a no-brainer. You simply follow the steps to create the kind of life you really want."
Joan Casey, Trainer and Coach, Seattle, WA

"Andrew's approach is honest and sincere. He truly cares if I succeed. His approach helps me replace negative patterns with new positive patterns without having to work really hard at it. He keeps me focused on my goals and on the positive things I do. I am walking a path, and Andrew's coaching is helping me with each step I take towards reaching my goals. "
Michelle Wendling, Design Consultant, Edmonton, AB

"It may sound a bit exaggerated to say that Andrew's program has changed my life but that is the fact of the matter. His process helped me look at things in a brand new way. Using his system, I have completed my first book and am on my way to a brand new career. His program and coaching taught me how to set targets and actions in a manner in which I can only win. His system supports me to be successful on a daily basis and gently moves me forward one winning step at a time. Thanks to Andrew."
Pepe Kahn, Author and Trainer, San Diego, CA

"I have been working with Andrew for over 2 years. In that time I have gone from someone with no business knowledge scared stiff to start my own business to someone who has become unemployable in the mainstream job market. I love that! Through Andrew's teaching on how to achieve goals and his coaching on business strategies, my little business is suddenly exploding. I am having more fun than I thought possible doing what I love! Thank you Andrew."
Christie O. Mawer, Seminar leader/actor/writer, Edmonton, AB

"The system Andrew designed has grown me toward success using an easy, step-by-step progress that over time translated into great leaps forward. This is a system that works. Thank you."
Catherine Toole, Wellness Consultant, Edmonton, AB

"In the year that we have been working together, my income has tripled. Your coaching has helped me grow my business, yet you never try to change who I am. You seem to have an intuitive sense of what is true for me. Together we always find ways I can more fully express my heart, my soul and my spirit while attracting more people to the work I do."
Pat Honiotes, Coach and Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

"I met Andrew back in May of 2000. Since then he has evolved into a very powerful coach with a very powerful system that works. However, what I most love about Andrew's work is his genuine commitment to helping you succeed. He has been one of my greatest supporters and fans in my career and I am incredibly grateful for his mentorship. Everyone I've ever talked to who has worked with Andrew has felt the same way so he is obviously doing something very, very right!"
Jan Janzen, President, Women Empowering Women, Vancouver, BC

"You are a great teacher and coach for me. I find your material both inspirational and practical. Thank you!"
Anne Ryan, Adult Educator, Ardrossan, AB

"I really enjoy your guidance as a coach. Your humility, integrity and gentle approach helped us succeed in spite of ourselves."
Dr. Debbie Wong, Chiropractor, Calgary, AB

"Prior to my experience with Andrew, I had never considered group coaching, or personal coaching for that matter. After my experience with him, I wouldn't want to live my life without it! His style of kind guidance, the confidence he expressed in my abilities and talents, and his system of measuring success gave me the tools and the faith to make giant steps forward in my life. I went from having a "job" to doing the work I had once only dreamed of doing and am now working as a Trainer with a large international corporation!"
Darlene Hampson, Training Specialist, Calgary, AB

"I have had the benefit of coaching from Andrew Barber Starkey within the context of a highly effective coaching program that Andrew co-designed and presented. Andrew is a great communicator who delivers his message clearly, in an interesting manner and with great warmth and compassion. The content of the program was also highly useful and stimulating. I have derived measurable results from my participation in the program as well as significant intangible personal growth. I commend Andrew as a personal coach."
Gabor Zinner, Lawyer, Calgary, AB

"Working with Andrew was the first time I ever truly committed to setting goals, both long and short term. I used the system he designed to set weekly targets and was accountable to a Success Partner. This gave me the motivation I needed to complete my weekly goals and stay on track with my long term objectives. Thank you Andrew for your knowledge and your caring heart."
Robby Leviton, Business Manager, Seattle, WA


A personal request from Andrew

I would truly appreciate your contributions to this page. If you have experienced notable success or progress through my work, please email us at . Tell us about the results you achieved, and what it is about my coaching, approach, style or system that really worked for you. Thank you!

– Andrew Barber-Starkey


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