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A Tale of Two Financial Professionals...

Dear Financial Professional -

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, seven years ago, two young men completed their basic Financial Industry training with a major Canadian Financial Services company. They were very much alike, these two young men. Both had been better than average students, each presentable, excited and - as young financial recruits often are - filled with ambitious goals for their future.

Now seven years older, these two young men were sitting together waiting for their wives to join them for their company's anniversary party. Naturally the two began to reminisce.

They were the only graduates still left that joined their firm from that same training class - so naturally they felt connected - but after seven years there were significant differences.

One young man's book of business was approaching $50M of assets under management and the majority of it came from existing clients who kept giving him additional business as well as new clients that mainly came from referrals. This young man's life was stress free, he had time for the gym each morning, and he had time for his family most evenings.

When he went to the office each day, he knew exactly what to do. In fact, if it were not for the fact that this young man's goal was to earn 7 figures, he might have felt complacent. But no, he was still full of excitement and enthusiasm at hitting an income of $1,000,000 plus very soon.

The other young man's situation was very different.

He was dressed in a better suit, he and his family lived downtown, and each year he leased a brand new 7 Series BMW.

However, while his attire, automobile and condo were first class, his business was anything but.

His overriding success principle was "fake it 'till you make it."

Thinking about how they both started out in basically the exact same position seven years ago, he suddenly turned to his colleague, and blurted out:

"What am I doing wrong?" And hung his head in his hands.

His fellow cohort looked at him for a few minutes.

"Do you really want to know?"

The Difference between these two men

"Let me tell you something that I was just thinking about. I remembered the end of my first year, I'm not sure if you do, but your income was higher. In fact I was the second lowest performer that year - and while I'm ashamed to admit this - I was quite jealous of you."

"You, jealous of me?"

"Yes, of you and everyone. I knew I was doing something wrong, but I didn't know what."

"First, I was too proud to let anyone 'manage me' - yet deep down I knew my poor self-management was responsible for my lack of productivity. I'd work in spurts - but I was disorganized and never had any consistency."

"And even when I did get a good client, I was never happy since it seemed like this business was so unpredictable, that I constantly wondered where would the next one come from?"

"That 'month-to-month' inconsistency made me feel as if I had no control, and the stress of the calendar was something even my wife noticed. She said I was a different person in the last week of each month."

"Getting new clients? Back then that was the biggest mystery - while today it's just like turning on a tap, back then I had absolutely no plan, no idea and no concept of how to create new business. Yet today my leads, prospects and referral network runs like a machine - but six years ago I felt like I was just running about scattered and out of control."

"Each day it got worse, because I'd procrastinate and let myself get distracted. Then I'd beat myself up for being disorganized. I thought the answer would be getting an assistant - but that turned into an expensive disaster."

Hit Rock Bottom

"Finally it got so bad that I could not even pick up the phone to make calls. I had no motivation, each day I'd say 'tomorrow is when I'll start' - but tomorrow was just the same. I was in a rut. That's when I hit rock bottom and was just disgusted with my business."

"I finally realized that I couldn't do it alone. So I started asking around, and the one thing that I heard suggested the most often was the rather long name of Andrew Barber-Starkey."

Andrew Barber-Starkey, MCC

"Everyone I spoke to had a different story about him - could they all be true?"

"One story told of a young hang gliding dare-devil who was a Canadian Hang Gliding Champion who piloted a hang glider over the Rockies from Radium Hot Springs to Lake Louise back in 1983 setting a worlds record."

"Another story spoke of how Andrew personally coached T. Harv Eker - during the period that saw Harv's book hit best seller status on the New York Times Bestseller List."

"...Revolutionized My Business..."

"Andrew has analyzed and systemized the success process to its essence. He is brilliant - a genius in that area. As my personal coach, he has helped me revolutionize my business and my life."

~ T. Harv Eker; President, Peak Potentials Training Inc. and
Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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"Even another story came from a young man just a couple of years older than me, Jason Boudreau, from Vela Wealth Management who said:

"When I first met Andrew I was making pretty close to a 6 figure income but I really wanted to blast through that and make a significant 6 figure income and just through using his system and working the system - let's just say it's more than handled itself and now my goals are in the 7 figure income range."

"On Track for a 7-Figure Income!"

~ Jason Boudreau CFP owns Vela Wealth Management in Vancouver. Watch a short video of what he says about what happened to his business and life when he started using Andrew's system.

"I asked sales managers and other industry professionals, who all told me that Andrew Barber-Starkey was the Financial Advisor's coach if you wanted to double or triple your income.'

"Now, if I could say one boastful characteristic that I have - it's being humble - especially when I was so disgusted with my performance. So as luck would have it, Andrew was offering a seminar outlining how he took 'average' performing Financial Advisors through a unique method that would turn anyone into a real-producer.'

"I attended his seminar the same way a drowning man might latch onto a life-preserver - because I was in over my head. But that seminar changed my life. Following his system has transformed my business into one of the top 5 in our office.'

What was that seminar all about?

"Really, but what did he teach you? Is it a lot of work?"

"Well, that's the funny thing, because that's what I expected too, but to be frank, the 'extra work' is only about 15 minutes per week and one full day a quarter. That's it."

"Come on, that's doesn't make sense, earning so much more without working harder?"

"That's it, honestly. Let me put it this way, Andrew taught me an entirely new way to approach my business on a day-to-day basis - that increased my income in the first year, and doubled and tripled it in the two years after."

"Implementation Vs. Hype!"

"As a long-time member of ProCoach I like that the program has substance. It is an implementation program and not a rah-rah, get hyped-up thing. The system tools keep me focused and on track, which has made a massive difference to my results."

~Leslee Lucy, Financial Centre Manager, Sun Life Canada


Each of us reaches a point in our lives where we need help if we're going to move forward - past what is holding us back.

Call it a mentor, a teacher, an insider, or a coach. No matter what you call it - when you know that going it alone isn't working then you must reach out for help.

"Pride holds back more advisors from reaching their true earning potential"

What can you do now to change the direction of your practice and make 2016 your Breakout year?

November 24 is Andrew's LAST Financial Advisor '2016 Breakthrough' seminar this year. Register now to reserve your seat while you still can.

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My friend, mentor and coach, Andrew Barber-Starkey, is conducting his last "Breakthrough" seminar of this year on Tuesday, November 24 in Burnaby.

In the seminar Andrew will reveal:

  • How this unsettled economy is the perfect opportunity for Financial Advisors - if they follow what he teaches.
  • Why most Financial Advisors never achieve their income goals and the simple steps you must take to achieve yours!
  • The 2 word 'Dr. Laura' formula that will make you 7 feet tall and Bulletproof.
  • How to stop chasing clients and start feeling like you're fishing in a stocked pond.
  • Three powerful principles that will enable you to consistently and reliably create the results that you want.
  • The single most important secret to getting rapid results and how you can apply it in your financial practice every day, week and month!

Everything Andrew teaches will work for you right now and continue to work no matter how the industry changes going forward.

"...I Wish I Had Met Andrew Earlier!"

"There is no doubt that Andrew's success lessons and ongoing support have been a huge part of my ability to qualify for Million Dollar Round Table each year for the past seven years. I only wish that I had met him earlier in my career. If I had started using his concepts five years earlier, I believe I would be retired by now!"

~Hal Gillrie, CFP CLU ChFC - Gillrie Financial Strategies, Red Deer, AB

In the 2016 Breakthrough Seminar on November 24, Andrew will also show you...

  • How to create a 'NASA' eye-view of your business that will provide you with direction and clarity you never had before, so you'll NEVER wonder what your next step is.
  • A secret more powerful than self-confidence and self-esteem - so you'll never struggle when 'closing' business again.
  • How to achieve your goals faster and with less effort.

"Achieve Your Goals Faster and with Less Effort!"

"I have attended several of Andrew's seminars myself and am totally confident that any Advisor who attends will benefit tremendously from the content of this presentation. Andrew has devoted 20 years of his life to helping independent sales people and entrepreneurs achieve their goals faster and with less effort and he is a master at what he does."

~Gregory Powell, Financial Centre Manager, Sun Life Canada

You won't find Andrew's systems and methods taught anyplace else: They're extremely simple to put into practice, highly flexible in this age of fast moving social media, and very effective in today's ADHD world.

FYI: This is an Exclusive, Invitation-Only Presentation. Book your ticket now or you'll miss out on what your competition is going to learn on the 24.

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Those who follow Andrew's system never worry about another downturn in the economy again - in fact their clients will thank them!

"...Earning $80,000 Working Part Time!"

"I work 100% on commission and am responsible for generating my own deals and leads to feed my family. I work from home because being a mom to my two young daughters is my top priority.

Andrew's coaching principles have a dramatic impact on my business productivity. I find I am a lot more focused and effective when I'm working. My numbers are going up on a consistent basis almost every month and last year I earned almost $80,000 working only 30 hours per week. Andrew is incredibly sincere and genuine in his effort to help people grow."

~Sharon Essington, Mortgage Broker, Calgary, AB

What this is NOT:

  • A Steven Covey re-write of half a dozen habits that highly successful Advisors had back in the '90s.
  • More lame Goal Setting sessions.
  • 'Woo-woo' mystical 'the Universe shall provide' Law of Attraction mumbo-jumbo.

"Double Your Income and your Time Off"

Barry Soper, CFP owns North Vancouver-based Soper Financial. Find out why he joined ProCoach and the results he has achieved.

Fair Warning: This seminar will sell out fast, it's Andrew's last one of the
year and strategically placed for your Breakthrough in 2016
Click here to reserve you seat right away!

"...Worth 1.5 million dollars in less than 4 years"

"Working with Andrew and his system has taken me from being a frustrated desk employee, to owning an amazingly successful Fitness Center worth over 1.5 Million dollars, in less than 4 years!"

~Scott McDermott, Sylvan Lake, AB

Why does Andrew's system work so flawlessly?

Andrew has spent 23 years of research and testing his system - not only on himself, but on over 6000 people from all walks of life, many of them Financial Professionals. Although it's true that Andrew specializes in working with Financial Advisors, his principles and system work for any profession or business. It's universal because it's based on removing the core obstacles and road blocks that prevent ANYONE from moving forward.

You may think of yourself as procrastinating, but he'll show you why you're stuck - and it's not procrastination. He'll show you what's missing and how to get moving again. Follow his system and you'll free yourself from any bad habits you have, but more importantly, you'll learn to move forward.

When you walk out of Andrew's seminar on November 24, you WILL know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and HOW to do it, with CERTAINLY.

It's not magic, but it will happen so quickly it will seem like it.

Then again, you could stay at the office that Tuesday morning wondering what you're missing.

Don't be left behind, again.

Make a commitment to yourself, to make 2016 a breakthrough year; the year you smash your income ceiling and spend more time with you family, WITHOUT working any more than you are now.


"Andrew has been designing and delivering workshops, seminars and sales trainings for over two decades and this is, without question, the most powerful, most insightful and most results-producing training he has ever created! Andrew is a guy you can depend on!"

David Williams

Back to those two Financial Advisors I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. They graduated from their industry training together, and joined the same firm at the same time. But the difference in their success comes down to one thing:

Using a proven system that works!

Would you like to know what to do to breathe life into your business?
If so, register for your Breakthrough seminar Now - Click here.

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DJ Richoux
Business Owner

P.S. There is absolutely nothing better that you can do to make 2016 your breakout year than attend this exclusive seminar on November 24. Nothing. You owe it to yourself, your family and all the time you have already invested in your business to attend.

P.P.S. Please, only forward this to colleagues who are serious about increasing their income by 50% or more. This seminar is for those who see themselves in the top 20% of their field.

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