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Create the life you REALLY want. August 2009 Issue  
Why Don’t People Take Action?

Dear Success Seeker,

Everyone wants to achieve more, but very few people follow through and take the action necessary to achieve their goals. Why? What gets in the way and how can they reach more of their potential?

I have been fascinated, almost obsessed with this question for over 20 years. I have spent thousands of hours studying the topic and developed a deep real-life understanding through coaching over 5000 entrepreneurs, many of whom have become millionaires while I was working with them. I also continually seek to learn from other masters who are exploring the same question.

Of all the authors, speakers and success gurus I have encountered, I believe Tony Robbins is the smartest. The other day Tony posted a new video on his blog that reinforces my belief that he understands how to create breakthrough results better than anyone.

The video is a 39 minute interview/discussion with internet millionaires Frank Kern and John Reese. In it Tony gives his explanation of what holds success seekers back and what you can do to overcome it. He shares a simple model for increasing success and provides specific exercises you can use to massively increase your results.

By the way, I have no affiliation with Tony Robbins or his organization. I am suggesting you check out this video simply because I believe you will find it inspiring, thought provoking and useful.

Here is the link:

Enjoy and best of luck in your quest.

Your Coach,

Andrew Barber-Starkey, Master Certified Coach

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Andrew Barber-Starkey is a Master Certified Coach residing in Vancouver, Canada. His coaching program, the ProCoach Success System, is designed for entrepreneurs, small-business owners, self-employed and commissioned sales people who want to double their income while simultaneously doubling their time off within 3 years.

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