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Breaking News! After 30 years of coaching I've come to a disturbing realization...

"Most People Who Set Goals Never Achieve Them And Finally I Know Why"

Recently I Discovered an Eastern European Goal Achievement System Which Eliminates The Many Problems Common Goal Setting Methods Have Built Into Them (Likely Including the One You're Using Now)

The Good News Is, In A FREE 90 Minute Live Seminar I Will Be Revealing The Reasons Why You Fail To Achieve Your Goals And The Solution - An Easy, Counter-Intuitive Goal Achievement System That Flat Out Works

Read on to...
  • Discover why you have failed to accomplish most of the goals you have set for yourself and what you can do about it...
  • Break out of the frustrating experience of working hard and not earning the money or success you desire.
  • Finally Use a Goal-Achieving System that Works!

Dear Friend,

If you have been struggling to accomplish your most important goals.... then this message will be crucial to your future success and prosperity.

Because you're finally about to discover how to consistently achieve the goals you set... so at long last you can achieve the business and personal results you always wanted instead of falling short time and time again.

The solution is different than anything you have heard before.... and it is counter-intuitive. That's why, in spite of your tremendous efforts, you haven't been able to achieve most of the goals you've set for yourself in the past.

Until you learn the right approach to setting goals you will continue the same old frustrating cycle. Set a goal. Make a plan to achieve it. Fail to follow through. Get down on yourself.... How many times have you repeated this cycle over and over?

You've heard all sorts of 'experts' say that goal-setting is the crucial key to success. Then, in the same breath, they say that over 80% of the population doesn't set goals. You probably felt a bit smug when they said this because, unlike the majority, you do have goals. In fact you're a person who knows what they want and has a strong desire to get it. If not, you wouldn't be reading this letter.

But Be Honest With Yourself For A Moment.

What percentage of your most important life changing goals have you actually achieved? Maybe five or ten? If you are super-focused twenty percent?

Even if your success ratio is higher than that you can still relate to what I'm saying. Too many of your goals, especially the most important ones, are appealing when you write them down but quickly get forgotten or sidelined because you have so many other 'urgent' things bogging you down.

You know that if you keep doing things the way you are now, you'll continue to get the same results. Even if you work harder, you'll never reach the level of success you want and are capable of. It's frustrating but there doesn't seem to be any option except to soldier on.

Fortunately there's another way.....a new way.

Keep reading to discover how you can become a GOAL ACHIEVING MACHINE. My unique and NEW method will show you how to achieve any goal you set, 100% of the time. (trust me it is possible).

In case you don't know me, let me introduce myself. I'm Andrew Barber-Starkey also known as The ProCoach.

Some people say my biggest claim to fame is that I was business coach to multi-millionaire T Harv Eker, best-selling author of The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. While I was coaching him his business expanded from a single employee to a staff of over 100.

Working with Harv was fun but to be honest I'm more proud of the fact I've helped over 6000 entrepreneurs, financial professionals and small business owners set and achieve their goals. I've been coaching small business owners full-time for 23 years and my track record for delivering results is well-known.

Hundreds of my clients have become millionaires and multi-millionaires.

My clients always make tremendous progress but I've noticed too many of them fall short of, or give up on, their declared goals. Why is that? Setting and achieving goals appears simple. Yet most people never follow through and take the action necessary to achieve their goals.

Why is that? The answer is simple....

Traditional goal-setting Methods Don't Work!

Reflect for a moment on your own track record of goal completion and you will realize that what I'm saying is true. For every goal you've set and achieved there have been many more that never got off the I right?

What's insane about this situation is that no one else is talking about's like no one has noticed that the current methods are falling short in a BIG WAY. Authors, trainers, speakers, coaches and sales organizations carry on dispensing the same old advice on goal-setting even though it doesn't work worth a damn.

You know the stuff. Big, hairy audacious goals. Visualization. SMART Goals. Writing your goals daily. Sticking an affirmation on the mirror. Carrying a goal card with you.

Think about it. The gurus of today are actually teaching the same concepts that were put forward by some 'expert' back in the 1920s, 1930s and 40s. Sometimes they put a new spin or twist on it but it's essentially the same old stuff.

The fact is that these old fashioned methods don't deliver. They look good and sound good. But they don't energize you or drive you forward towards your goals. On the contrary....trying to follow the steps they suggest feels more like an obligation than a pleasure.

And when you carefully follow the steps they recommend... you STILL don't achieve your goals.

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Bad As This All Sounds, It Gets Worse....

The experts and gurus told you that everyone else was achieving their goals using these techniques...and you believed them, didn't you? As a result you made a disastrous decision....

Since everyone else is achieving their goals (or so you think) and you are not, you decided that the problem must be you. You began to blame YOURSELF for your lack of success. This (incorrect) conclusion undermined your most important entrepreneurial asset...your belief in yourself.

I had a personal experience of this back in 1999. I joined one of Canada's most prestigious and recognized coaching programs. When I signed up they gave me a workbook and had me write down 36 specific goals I wanted to achieve in the next three years.

I followed their system diligently. When I completed the curriculum three years later, my business had progressed significantly but I had only achieved 5 of my 36 goals. I felt like a loser. Then I talked to some other program members and discovered their results were no better than mine.

Here's counterintuitive part.....

The Problem Is Not You!

The real problem is that current goal achieving methods are crap. They look and sound good but they are old, weak and ineffective.... and most of the time they just don't work.

You know that is true because you've tried them and you did not reach your desired goals. You may have moved ahead but you didn't consistently achieve the goals you set, did you?

So stop beating yourself up and invest your energy in finding for a goal achieving method that actually works for you.

The Back Story On My Goal Achieving Journey

I first became serious about setting and achieving goals back in the early '80s. In 1985 I set a goal to become top sales representative for the Calgary branch of Xerox Canada.

That's one goal I did achieve.

As a result I was asked to deliver a talk about goal-setting at the company's year-end gala. Of course I just regurgitated the same archaic principles I'd found in some books - the same ones you are using today. But the experience got me interested in goals.

Since then I've collected a massive amount of material on the topic. I've got a box in my basement containing every goal-setting exercise, article, handout and workbook I've found since 1985. I weighed it today.... 16 lb.

I also have over a dozen audio and video programs on the topic and two shelves in my library specifically devoted to goal-setting books.

In spite of all my reading, listening, training and coaching it never occurred to me that traditional goal-setting didn't work. But I must have known that intuitively.

Back in the year 2000, when Harv Eker asked me to design a coaching program for self-managing entrepreneurs, I put almost no emphasis on goal-setting and achieving. Instead I designed a coaching program that focused on consistent progress and personal transformation rather than achieving specific goals.

Now, 17 years later, my system has evolved into the ProCoach Success System.

Thousands of small business owners have used it to achieve the business success, wealth and lifestyle they want. It has been a huge success story.

Then Last Summer I Experienced A Blinding Flash Of The Obvious....

No matter how well our system works, I am always looking for ways to make it more effective. In mid-July last year I was looking for ways to help our members get the results they want even faster.

That's when I realized that they were setting goals but not following through with them.

This is not exactly a bad thing. Goals provide direction and motivation even when you are loosey-goosey on them.

But one of the primary benefits of good goals is that they create a tension that pulls you into action. By being flexible about achieving their goals, our members were missing out on the most powerful aspect of goal-setting.

I went back to my library and my box of goal-setting material. While sifting through the information I had a blinding flash of the obvious. None of this stuff worked. There are pages and pages of theories and principles but there is no magic pill.

With traditional goal setting, it's not about the method. It's about the person setting the goals!

Some people are going to achieve their goals, no matter what, because that is just how they are wired. These are the people who become successful. The goal-setting tools and principles might be useful for them but, one way or another, these people are going to achieve their goals regardless.

Others struggle to do what it takes to achieve their goals. All the goal-setting processes in the world will do little or nothing to help these people. They might even do more harm than good since, if someone follows a goal achieving method and fails, they feel worse than when they started.

Suddenly I was on a mission to find something new... A way to help those who had not reached their goals in the past to start achieving them.

The Eastern European Connection

As the saying goes, ask and ye shall receive. In August a friend and fellow coach said to me, "Have you looked at that new goal achieving method from Eastern Europe? It's quite remarkable."

When I got home I went online to check it out. As soon as I started looking at his website, I realized this was not the same old stuff. This guy knew what he was talking about.

This was what I had been looking for.

I bought his program and dived into it.

What an eye-opener! Right out of the gate he explained the problem - the major obstacle that prevents people from achieving their goals. It was something I'd never really noticed before.

In simple, black and white terms he completely nailed key dynamics that no other goal-setting material addresses. It was all new but it made perfect sense when he explained it.

Having laid out the problems, he then explained how to overcome them. His solution was completely different from everything I have learned and been taught about achieving goals. And the simplicity of his approach is extraordinary.

I was so excited about this revolutionary approach that I emailed him in Eastern Europe and introduced myself. Fortunately he has a good command of the English language and we hit it off. Five days later I hired him to certify me in his processes.

Becoming Certified

In September I began the process of getting certified in this revolutionary method.

He insisted that the first step was for me to use the processes for achieving my own goals. That would give me an experience from the receiving end. We used Skype calls and on-line materials as he walked me through his method.

Let's just say that it was an eye-opening, even transformative experience for me!

In October I began working with a handful of private clients to develop my skills. I debriefed with my European coach weekly and he helped me refine my skills. Over a period of three months, I learned what worked.... and what didn't!

Now I Am Ready to Bring This
Remarkable Method to Canada

After 23 years as a coach, I have developed a reputation as a straight shooter. If you know me, you realize that my primary motivation is to share breakthrough concepts and tools with my clients, friends and contacts. Solutions that will help them create amazing lives.

I know this remarkable information on goal setting and achieving will absolutely change your life. I've explained in this letter why traditional goal setting doesn't work.

Are you ready to see for yourself what does work and why? It is so simple yet so different that you will be amazed.

In order to share this material with you I am presenting two FREE evening seminars in early February. Both will be held at the Executive Hotel in Burnaby - in the geographical center of the Lower Mainland.

If you are ready to finally achieve your goals, I invite you to join me. I promise that you will leave inspired and energized.

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I am very excited about this technology. The clients I have worked with are so pumped up and on fire about actually achieving their goals that I want to get this information out to you ASAP.

You can see comments from the clients I have worked with below.

Here's the bottom line. In order to create the business and life you want, you MUST learn to not just set but to achieve your goals. Just imagine how life will change when you have mastered this elusive skill! Let's just say that you will finally have an unfair advantage!

Register now. We only have room for 40 people and we do expect the event to sell out.

Event Schedule

Burnaby - Tuesday, February 7 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.

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I look forward to meeting you there and introducing you to this exciting and life-changing method.


Andrew Barber-Starkey

Master Certified Coach
Founder & President, ProCoach Success System

PS - We expect this seminar to sell out, so if you want to attend be sure to register now!

"It was clear to me right from the start that this approach to goal achieving is truly different in subtle, but very important ways. After applying the method for just six weeks I feel more strongly than ever that my goal, which I have been pursuing without success for the past 6 years, will be achieved in the next few months.
I'm excited that I'll be able to apply this method to achieve any goal I choose in the future!"

Shawn Rose, President, Cornerstone Graphics, Calgary

"In the past I have struggled to achieve my goals. (That is to say I haven't achieved most goals I have set.) I always feel ambitious and excited while writing my goals. But when I get back into my life....the urgency fades and I struggle to follow through.
This new method takes a completely different approach and it is really working well for me. I chose a goal that I have been pursuing unsuccessfully for several years. This time I have been able to maintain my level of excitement and am totally confident that I will achieve it in the next 90 days."

Steve Walkom, Financial Advisor, Investors Group.

"If you learn and follow this system it flat out works MUCH better than any goal achieving system I've seen or used before. What I found most helpful is the clever new process to set compelling goals which bypass the subconscious "self-sabotage" system we all have."

Mark Benda, Business Growth Consultant

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